Welcome to Loryn White Pottery!

I took my first pottery course when I was in college in San Diego just to satisfy my elective requirements.  I should have known then to pursue ceramics as a degree, because I found myself in the pottery lab at closing time (12 am) almost nightly.  I’m actually surprised I managed to get through my other class work!  After completing my coursework in San Diego, I transferred to Humboldt State University and ultimately got a degree in Fisheries Biology.

After graduation, I worked as a fisheries biologist and truly enjoyed the adventure.  Working on some of the most breathtaking rivers in the world with magnificent wildlife and fish had an influence on my life that continues today.  After about five years in the field I started taking an adult education class in pottery and re-discovered my passion for ceramics.  When I found myself laying awake at night obsessing about pots I wanted to make, I decided it might be time for a career change.  I left the fisheries field in 2000 and have been doing pottery full time ever since.

My pottery is profoundly influenced by my experience working in and around flowing waters.  My work is also heavily influenced by Asian aesthetics and techniques especially Chinese brushwork, Japanese textiles and Japanese architecture.  I spend a lot of time on individual pieces, paying attention to minute details and striving to imbue each with a unique and special character.  I like to imagine my pottery being used daily and bringing joy and serenity to its users.  I make a point to always keep learning, experimenting, and producing new and different work.  With the amount of time I spend daydreaming of pottery, I’m pretty sure I’ll be busy for the rest of my life!

I’m lucky to live with a very supportive husband, a wonderful daughter, a truly silly pup, and some super sweet chickens within earshot of the beautiful Pacific Ocean on the north coast of California.